Leading the next generation of mobile gaming

Using our proprietary platform, we develop, license and publish games to the mass market. We have strategic partnerships with a number of the world’s leading media and gaming companies, giving our products an exciting global reach.

2019 Financial Highlights

  • Continuing revenue increased by 11.5% to £6.9m (2018: £6.2m) for the year;
    • Licensing revenue increased 84% to £4.1m (2018: £2.2m)
    • Social Publishing revenue decreased by 30% to £2.8m (2018: £3.9m), with 16% reduction in costs as per our strategy
  • Continuing Adjusted EBITDA loss £0.3m (2018: £0.1m loss), which unadjusted gives an EBITDA loss of £0.8m (2018: £0.6m loss);
    • Licensing £1.4m Adjusted EBITDA profit (2018: £1.0m)
    • Social Publishing £0.8m Adjusted EBITDA profit (2018: £1.6m)
  • Net Cash Flow £1.0m (2018: £0.2m) with £2.6m cash at the year end
  • Loss for the year from continuing activities reduced to £4.6m (2018: £5.6m)
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